Daddy Stingray’s Sweet Talkin’ Symphony
The Sweet Talking Symphony blends theatrical hard rock stylings, sensitive storytelling, and meditations on work and home life with the earworms that his fans have come to expect. The album showcases his custom “quirk rock” style with an electric flair that brings listeners to a fun and happy place. Listeners have found elements of Neil Young, Steppenwolf, Alice Cooper, Link Wray, and Wilco.

Producing Success: A Career Guide for Conference Producers
Producing Success highlights the rich experiences that lie within the madness of producing a B2B conference. Each chapter suggests resources for further reading and training, as well as exercises that help you expand your outlook and improve your skill set. Producing Success is a critical tool for producers looking to open new doors, develop a vision, and put your imagination, creativity, and positive attitude to work for you. Engaging and relatable, there is no other book like it for conference producers.