Crowdfunding for Independent Artists

New York, Fall 2023

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As an artist, you spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to bring your ideas into reality. While many view the act of creation as its own reward, deep down inside, you want it to touch as many fans as possible. These days there is a way to circumvent gatekeepers and get your own voice out to the world, directly to your fans and that is through crowdfunding. 

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Crowdfunding seems like a magic word that came into the public consciousness over the past 10 years. It’s a tool that enables creators to circumvent traditional gatekeepers and share your films, books, comics, music, and games directly with fans. In addition to bringing  your projects to life, it also creates a venue for your fans to be a part of the process, and doubles as a proof of concept for further ambitions

So how does it work?

An impactful crowdfunding campaign is a micro-pop up business on top of whatever else you’re doing in life. Done correctly, crowdfunding can net you five or six figures so you can obtain the resources you need, while a poorly run campaign can waste months of your life. From pre-planning and expanding your audience, to creating your campaign with the right tiers of rewards, to fulfillment and follow up, there are tons of moving parts that need to be executed meticulously. 

Your next creative project is very important, and if you share the creative journey with your audience, it will mean so much more! Join us at Crowdfunding for Independent Artists for a full day of panel discussions and networking in a live setting! See if crowdfunding is the right route for you, understand the process, and make the connections you need to deliver your vision to the world!

We’re creating an ecosystem of artists and specialists who can help them and we want you to be a part of it!

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Designed for:

  • Independent filmmakers, comic book creators, authors, artists, video game developers, board game designers, podcasters, influencers and musicians looking to build out their fanbase and raise funds for their next project
  • Crowdfunding platforms, software companies, equipment companies, consultants, fulfillment companies, marketing companies, crowdfunding agencies and any other service provider who would like to get in front of this audience to generate business

Advisory Board

  • Meghan Ross, Head of Creator Success, Seed&Spark
  • Alec Peters, Founder, Ares Studios (Prelude to Axanar, Star Trek Fan Film)
  • Ryan Camarda, Producer & Director, West of Worldly Productions, LLC (Royalty Free: The Music of Kevin MacLeod)
  • Bethany Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, Publishizer
  • Scott McEntyre, Chairman of the Board, Crowdfunding Professional’s Association
  • Chris Ziemda, Jazz Pianist, Independent Musician
  • J Marty Dormany, Managing Director, AcademyL3 Broadcast Graphics
  • Peter Rostovsky, Business Development, Crowdfund Better
  • Daniel Whiting, Head of Revenue Generation, Kickbooster
  • Demetrius Bagley, Program Director, Black Podcasting Awards
  • Jeremy Pesner, Author, Analyst, Researcher


  • 30 Speakers – Wide view of expertise from across the industry
  • 8 Panels – In-depth drill down of best practices
  • 300 Attendees – Expand your network of creators, service providers, and fans
  • 10 Exhibitors – Build your team by speaking with vendors during breaks
  • Networking Lunch and Snack Breaks– Let people know what you’re working on, find new fans and partners, and learn from others working on the same challenges you are


  • Run an effective crowdfunding campaign by hearing from experts and people who have done it
  • Expand your network of service providers, experts, and team members
  • Peek behind the curtain of how other creators bring their vision to life
  • Get a wide view of options of how to get the most impact out of your crowdfunding campaign
  • Discover new projects other creators are planning
  • Enjoy being a part of the process with like-minded fans and creatives

Preliminary Agenda

8:00 am            Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 am            Pre-Campaign Research: What Do You Need to Know Going In?

  • What are the most effective ways to do research for your project?
  • What to look for in similar projects
    • Did they succeed?
    • What were their incentives/awards?
    • What did their landing page look like?
  • Understanding the questions that need to be answered before proceeding
  • Planning your budget including the cost of your project and manufacturing/fulfilling rewards

9:40 am            Building your Team

  • Launch alone or hire an agency?
  • Understanding exactly what an agency can do for you
  • Finding experts to help
  • Hire for expertise or man-power?
  • Leveraging your creative team for the crowdfunding project

10:20 am          Networking and Refreshment Break

10:40 am          PR: Building Awareness Before Launching the Campaign

  • Finding, identifying, and building relationships with media outlets who might be interested in your project
  • What elements need to be in an effective press release for a crowdfunding campaign
  • Leveraging any coverage you get to help with the campaign

11:20 am          Marketing Before Your Campaign

  • Approaching your family and friends to make a contribution
  • Identifying potential contributors outside of your circle
    • Finding contact information
    • Writing a cold email
  • Finding and ingratiating yourself on social media
  • Strategic paid advertising
    • Creating a donor profile
  • What expertise can a marketing agency bring to the process?

12:00 pm          Networking Luncheon

1:00 pm           Choosing Awards/Incentives that will Drive Support

  • What kinds of incentives get responses?
    • Where do you get incentives?
    • Pricing your incentives to support your project while adding value to supporters
    • Making supporters feel like they are a part of the process

1:40 pm           Creating an Effective Landing Page

  • What are the elements of an effective landing page that will make people take action?
    • Making an engaging video
    • What’s the right balance of graphics to text?
    • How to visually represent the awards?

2:20 pm           Managing the Campaign

  • Sending updates that will keep supporters excited
  • Moving through the pipeline to encourage people to contribute
  • Adjusting incentives based on feedback
  • Building and keeping momentum

3:00 pm           Networking and Refreshment Break

3:20 pm           Manufacturing & Fulfillment of the Awards

  • Keeping to the expected timeline for sending out awards
  • Quality control for manufacturing the incentives
  • What is involved in fulfillment?
  • What can service providers do to help with fulfillment?

4:00 pm           Communicating With Your Supporters After the Campaign

  • Sending update on the project
    • Encouraging them to spread the word
    • Getting them excited to participate

4:40 pm           Rolling Out your Project

  • Generating media interest as you roll out your project
  • Keeping supporters engaged – making them feel like they are still part of the process

5:20 pm           Crowdfunded Film Screening or Other Entertainment

8:00 pm           Crowdfunding for Creatives Concludes

Other Potential Topics

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