Catastrophicon Rock n Roll Horror Convention

If you’re a fan of horror, rock & roll, and pop culture and love to build your collection through the joy of discovery, you must be a part of this brand new event!

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Join us on Saturday, July 15 at the inaugural Catastrophicon Rock & Roll Horror Convention, to be held at Reid Castle on the campus of Manhattanville College in Purchase NY – only 6 minute cab ride from the White Plains Metro North Station (40 minute train ride from Grand Central)! This is the perfect venue for an event like this – the outside looks like a castle, the inside feels like a mansion (where several high profile TV shows like Time Traveler’s Wife and Gilded Age are filmed) and the halls are reputed to be haunted!

It’s a show for collectors, fans, and freaks who love to explore new worlds created by visionary artists, story tellers, and musicians. 

  • Merch
  • Live Music
  • Film
  • Guests
  • Gaming
  • Panels
  • Cosplay

Visit Our Official Website at for a full line up and to purchase tickets!


Live Music!


Ari Lehman

Actor | Jason Vorhees

Friday the 13 (1980)

Beatrice Boepple

Alvin Alexis

Vincent DiSanti

Founder | Director | Producer

Comics and Artists!

Eric Rivera & Wilson Ramos Jr

Independent Publishers

Derrick Draws


Chiara Renda


Live Gaming!

Adrian Garcia

Publisher | Head Designer


Amazing Spiderlings!

Cosplay Group

Visit Our Official Website at for a full line up and to purchase tickets!

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Sponsors and Partners

Whether it’s the entire universes that live between the pages of a graphic novel, a fan’s-view of a beloved franchise, or imaginary voyages inspired by the perfect album, Catastrophicon brings creators and fans together. The new groundbreaking event from the producers of the Hudson Valley Music Summit and the Music Video Film Festival